Subs are like Snowflakes

Subs are bit like snowflakes, all with a different uniqueness that separates one from the other. You have to take time to understand them as people first. So many pseudo Doms go in guns ablazing thinking they can overtake with brute strength alone. They aren’t real Doms, a real Dom realizes that the things that shape their subs as people have to be considered in order for a full submission to take place. Both parties must be able to trust each other completely, for a sub to submit entirely. They need to know that you will absolutely protect all aspects of them, their heart, body and mind. The danger of not truly knowing each other means that when you enter the depths of a D/S relationship it requires such a strong game of emotions and feelings that if it were to implode it could have absolutely devastating effects on the psyche and lead to hurt and depression. Always stay, safe, sane and consensual my lovelies.


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