Garden Nymph

The light bounced off the lake sending ripples across the surface, the day was beautiful and I had an urge to sink into the cool liquid and soothe my heated skin. The sun beat down adding to the sheen of perspiration that glistened over me. I drew a finger over my upper lip to remove some droplets that had gathered there. It was more than just the sun that brought a rosy flush to my creamy flesh. My thoughts were as wayward as the wild flowers growing over the fence. I could imagine his hard body pressed against my back. His hands roaming slowly up my body leaving a trail of gooseflesh in their wake. I tilted my head back as though it would find a shoulder there, and sighed looking up to the sky for mercy. What was this beautiful man doing to me? I could feel his presence in my mind guiding my thoughts to wicked places regardless of the miles between us. He’d take my body places with his coaxing words, an ever present force consuming me until all that existed was him. I pictured him grinning at that, knowing how he’d unraveled me, and brought about this burning need that consistently simmered inside me.
“Babygirl… soul, body, mind… you’re mine”, his whisper was carried to me by the rustling wind through the trees.
I moaned as my nipples pebbled, I could feel his fingers pulling them, teasing them to almost painful tautness, which sent electric volts to my nub, starting a thumping there all on its own. I bit my lip and tried to banish it away, crossing my arms over my chest to hide my shame. I swung round and looked back toward the cottage to make sure I hadn’t been discovered, panting with want like some sort of garden nymph.
I was alone, thankfully, as I didn’t think my friends would consider it polite to be practically on the verge of orgasm at the bottom of their garden.
My mind derailed and panicked all at once, I was a long way past the point of no return, my thoughts ping-ponging around through every task and command he’d ever given me… fueling the intense desire in my pussy.
I covered my mouth to stifle a gasp as the seam of my shorts rubbed against me. My knees felt weak, just one flick could take it all away, “oh please”, I said to his face in my mind. Maybe just a little touch then, some small relief. The garden was quiet as if waiting in silence for my decision, all that I could hear was my own ragged breathe in my ears. I trailed my hand down my stomach focusing on the lake to distract from my oversensitized skin. I reached my shorts and the cold disk of the button there, I popped it open shivering as my hand grazed my naked flesh just above my pubic bone.
“Lili, no!!!” His voice sounded in my head and I immediately pulled my hand away, biting back my frustration. There was no way he’d condone me touching, not unless giving me direct permission first and I knew the punishment would be harsh for disobedience. For my own good, not that it felt very good right now. In fact… I jumped into the water, the instant shock sent any thoughts of desire retreating back into the abyss. My butt hit the bottom of the barrel with such an oomph that I let out the breath I was holding, quickly sucking in another against the cold.
I lay back into the water and sighed, feeling numb but strangely, or not, proud that I’d resisted temptation to please him. I let myself float a moment, allowing my heart rate to settle and breathing to quieten. “Ophelia”, I thought, The Lady in the Lake. Morbidly, I started giggling and couldn’t stop.


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