Secrets in the Attic

A rush of warm air arrested me as I pushed aside the hatch to the attic. The dust that was carried along assaulted my nostrils and had me sneezing within seconds. I dropped the cleaning materials to the floor and surveyed the treasures inside enthusiastically hoping to find a trove of riches, but in the end finding nothing more than junk.
A dirty full length mirror stood in the corner marred by elemental silver, tarnished over time. I gazed into my reflection there, my dilated eyes and dark brown hair stood in stark contrast to my creamy white flesh. For a fleeting moment I saw myself as you saw me, pretty pink heart shaped lips bowed pert in a lovers’ kiss and sparkling blue eyes that danced with every emotion.
I dared to look further, seeing me through your eyes. I looked over every curve of my body, appraising myself as though it were you looking at me, judging me. I felt the need to bare myself completely to you, I wanted you to see all of me, to bare not just my body but my soul and my mind too enthusing your desire for me.
Raising my hands I began to slowly remove my clothes for you. With each piece of clothing removed I pictured your eyes staring hungrily. Devouring my every naked inch and demanding more.
My pink lace vest top floated down to my ankles and my breath hitched at the sight of my rosy nipples standing pert for attention. Before I removed my shorts I slid a finger through myself creating a parted opening. With eyes intent on the image in the mirror I brought my fingers to my mouth tasting the tangy flavor of my wet little hole.
Kicking my shorts off I slid to the floor, taking the burden from my trembling body, parting my legs and watching myself move into display. The wonton pose I adopted elevated my heart rate, I could see the glistening sheen that covered my pussy and upper thighs. A slight trickle of need grazed my arsehole sending shivers through my body and plucking my skin.
My heavy breasts begged for attention so I begrudgingly abandoned the heated area between my legs in favor of giving my breasts some slight relief. I let the peaks of my nipples slid between my fingers, gently pressing on them and tweaking them to hard points. Cupping them in my hands I drew my breasts together, squeezing them punishingly and biting my lips at the tremor it sent to nub. My greedy pussy was calling me and I obliged it, trailing my hands back to it, drawing a finger through the slickness and moving it to my parted lips for a taste. Tasting it as you would, I began sucking it from my fingers, watching the nymph in the mirror turning into a hedonistic slut. My whole body was demanding attention.
Dipping my fingers into my scorching heat, I could feel my pussy ripple with sensation. I pumped my hand back and forth repeatedly, in and out, over and over, my head thrown back in the throes of unbelievable pleasure. Watching you watch me, squeezing my breast with one hand and frigging my pussy hard with the other I could feel the build inside me reaching new heights. I stood exposed on a precipice, moaning loudly as my pleasure pushed me over the edge, slamming my fingers into myself I came cathartically screaming for you, my little tight snatch flooding my fingers, gushing down between my legs and soaking the floor beneath me. I lay spent for a while riding the waves ecstasy as my body gently floated back down to the tiny disassembled girl on the floor.


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