Kitten Tails

I sit back and watch you work. You’re intently focused on your task, lips slightly moving as you read the computer screen. My mind turns to thoughts of brushing my lips against you to taste you. The passion you show while owning your work excites me, to know you’d focus on my body that way too. Thoroughly and masterfully disassembling me then putting me back whole.
I take in the sight of your body beneath your clothing, I can see the veins protruding on your powerful arms. I lick my lips picturing tracing my tongue over every one and wondering if they reach places further down.
Your body is beautiful and the thought of your weight over my petite frame, holding me down and making me yours, filling me with your presence has my breath hitch and a tremor reach my most sensitive parts. Parts that are calling for your touch, the only one who can satisfy my intense desire for you, not even my hand could curb my need. It is only you who can satisfy the fire you started. Only you who can continue satiating my need. I wait patiently but with furious desire bubbling beneath the surface, for the chance of you honoring me with your attentions.


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