Kitten Tails- His Pleasure is my Pleasure

He’s been drinking, slumbering in the sun, eyes half closed and face turned up toward the heat of the day. His legs are stretched out before him on a blanket. And there’s a trickle of sweat gathering in the dip of his neck. I drag my tongue over my upper lip as I picture licking it from him, tasting the sweet delicious taste of him mixed with alcohol.
He lazily moves a bottle of amber liquid to his mouth then reclines back to his elbows. His sculptured lips are full and I watch them as they part on a tiny exhale, his body relaxing into a floating buzz.
There’s a tension in his body and worn lines on his face have been earned in the tempering heat of work, battling hard everyday with the spirit of a warlord. It’s something that’s left in him, that the day and the alcohol’s heady mix can’t subside from his shoulders. But something my warm sensuous touch, the touch of his kitten, can ease away into distant lands.
Taking his face in my hands I gently begin circling his closed eyes and smooth out the lines at the edges. I trail a map across his face until I reach his brow, tilting back his head slightly so I might smooth out the tension there with my working fingers. He exhales, relaxing into an uncoiling breath, his divine lips stay parting on the inhale.
His mouth arrests me, I can think of nothing more than the need to touch it. With a nod of his head I begin to rain little kisses over his lips, his taste makes me hungry for more. Softly, I run my teeth over his bottom lip and then nibble the top one. The little groan that escapes him thrills me and has me devouring his mouth with pleasured moans.
I climb into his lap and from my entrusted vantage seated on his reclining body I can see every inch of his beautiful face and upper torso, his features for now soft but with an undercurrent of dormant power running through him that could easily erupt at any moment. I get to work on disentangling the bunched muscles in his traps, rubbing out the tiny knots that had formed there and for the moment tranquilizing the beast.
He opens one sly eye to let me know the sleeping tiger is still there, but for now I curl into his side where I’m wrapped in a protective arm and lulled to sleep.


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