The Beaten Track

Ever loved someone you couldn’t have and your whole world feels like it burned to cinders? Ever feel like the ashes of your existence are being stamped out by tiny demons?
Ever screamed and pounded your fists to soften the blow? Whilst every part of your being is viciously torn apart, ripped from flesh and, sinew and bone until all that’s left is a empty shell.
Clinging desperately to the remnants of that person in a pitiful attempt to hold onto their shadow as they leave.
Some small part of them that reminds you of their unique beauty and wonderful mind. Of the powerful arms that once held you tight.
Something, anything to make you hold part of them in the wasteland you’ve become. So that the memory of the impact of them hurtling through your life helps you to sleep at night, wraps you in a blanket of warmth from the bitter cold.
From the ashes a small sparkle of hope lies buried in the wreckage of your
soul, a little piece of the life they lived the journey they took the road they walked, the battle weary soldier they became.
What made them the person you fell ever so hard for but ultimately lost. The quest you undertake to find them. To travel the road they walked, like a faithful little kitten. To fight whatever demons of their past that stole their mind. So you have some small outlet for the pain you hold inside. The hurt of never having the only one you wanted.


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