There are no Coffee Shops in Whitehall

The first thing I realized when getting off at Charing Cross was to my horror there are no bloody coffee shops in Whitehall. Yes that’s bad, I mean for me and my coffee addiction that is quite low. Of all the landmarks in Whitehall, along the route of Parliament Square to Trafalgar Square, noticing only the lack of coffee is surely sinking to rock bottom. In fact the lack of coffee turned out to be pretty detrimental to the tipping point I felt with all the damn tourists in my way.
Standing in front of the Horse Guards I couldn’t help feel guilty for worrying about coffee. Those poor soldiers have to stand there for six hours whilst the tourists act like baboons, laughing at their hats and trying to make them break and smile. As I stood there watching a particularly imp-faced little terror, I was almost entirely sure that one of the soldiers was a second away from going berserk and feeding the brat to his horse. Of course that didn’t happen and I wandered off in search of the Ministry of Defence.
What an appropriate place to follow in Daddy’s footsteps and start my journey, being that Whitehall is in the very heart of London. The main artery running north from Parliament Square towards the southern end of Trafalgar Square and marked by the statue of Charles I, often regarded as the heart of London.
My Daddy holds my heart, I decided to give it to him to look after for the entirety of my journey. So it’s only fitting that whilst standing there staring at the Ministry of Defence building, my chest felt completely empty and my mouth dry. The imposing grey neoclassical facade loomed over me like a crushing weight, it was hard to imagine the people inside not being as grey as the edifice. The thought of Daddy being around this place turned my stomach. I pictured the steps he would have taken, and the Earth and Water, Gurkha Monument and nearby memorials to the Fleet Air Arm and RAF put a lump in my throat that I couldn’t shake. I wandered blindly through the road paved with HM government departments/ ministries, defending our nation- without a second glance. I ended up with the fallen, my eyes tearing at the vision of the WWI Cenotaph… I thanked them for my life.


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