The Enforcer

“Do you have it in?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Good, feel Daddy inside you, filling you.”

I checked the hem of my lacy pink summer dress for the 5th time since the short walk from the place I was staying to Camden tube stop. It wasn’t the length of my dress that had my eyes darting back and forth between the expressions of the people passing me, but rather it was the trickle of wetness that was rapidly drenching my upper thighs. I was sure they could see me, see the dilution of my eyes, the twitching of my hips as I walked, the flush that covered my cheeks and upper neck. ‘Slut’, their eyes seemed to judge, but as the pulsating heat that radiated from inside my bum, and seeped through my walls to cause sparks inside my pussy, I couldn’t care less about them. My teeth were clenched in an attempt to stop them chattering against the climbing need to let go of the orgasm that felt like being on the verge of tipping scales.
“Ahh”, I moaned as Daddy, in the form of the butt plug he’d chosen for me to wear, hit the edge of the tube seat. Pushing the gold plug with diamond center further up inside me, brushing the intimate heated need in my bottom.

It was the first time we’d ever played with the plug and in fact the time I’d ever used one at all. The smattering of intense new experiences and Daddy’s thrilling honey soaked whiskey voice breathed through the phone sending me sailing through a dusty dream onto a different tide. I was a ship floating on his waters feeling every bump against my hull… every breath of wind against my bare wet sails, towards a whirlpool I eagerly wanted to sink into.

“May I cum Daddy?”

“Cum baby girl, good girl, feel the world watching you, show them what belongs to me.”

I open my legs, my juices saturating the cushion seat beneath me. I writhed my body into a single flick of my pussy on the seat, sparking electric ripples. Arching my back, I rode through it, a long sultry moan escaping my lips. When my orgasm settled so did my mind. I was suddenly acutely aware of the tube, of people around me- none of which, by some feat of amazing luck had seemed to notice me.

However I hadn’t even reached the place where I would begin my task yet. So I jumped up, biting my lip against another jolt of pleasure and shot out of the open doors.
Piccadilly Circus was bustling and I hadn’t expected it to be anything else. Daddy preferred my task to be completed in a place where the more risk the better, so that’s how I found myself rifling through clothes in a very busy, extortionately expensive brand store. Daddy requested I pick out some dresses and a few pairs of panties to take into the changing rooms with me.

I pushed through the doors of the changing room with a handful of clothing and my heart in my throat. Excitement coursed through me, I’d passed a number of security personnel along the way and although I hadn’t yet done anything wrong, their eagle eyes had perused me with suspicion. Or maybe they could tell a girl with the heady air of sex around her. Either way they hadn’t stopped me. I stood fumbling with my items while Daddy ordered me what to do. He soon had my dress hitched up around my breasts as I slid fingers through my silky, slick pussy lips, the pile of clothes lying beneath my feet. Shuddering, I was made to dip a finger into my little hot hole and my whole body swayed, the risk and intensity of the situation deliciously mixed with the full presence in my arse and Daddy’s gruff commanding voice all heightening my senses. My body once again moving under his control, nipples taught and fully squeezed and pulled tight, pussy throbbing wanton, abandoning all pride as I writhed like his slut amongst the clothes, spilling juices on them in my wake. I bite my lip hard, my mind scandalized but hugely turned on when Daddy ordered me to ball up a pair of the panties I’d picked up and pop them into my cunt.

“Daddy’s nasty slut,” he growled as I obliged him and inserted the panties into myself.

Sweat slid down between my breasts, my heated body squatting over the clothes, my breathing hard, panting, drowning again within his turbulent sea. My fingers working in and out of myself, brushing against Daddy’s plug in my arse. I feel the build, full like I need to wee, the feeling I’d never felt before Daddy. I was going to squirt.

“Daddy, I feel like I need to wee again.”

“Cum for Daddy my beautiful little slut, squirt all over those clothes.”

Trembling, my body hit my orgasm at full throttle; I rolled through the ecstasy, gasping at the copious amounts of clear cum that streamed from me and onto the clothes. the bundle of panties inside me were sopping by this point and Daddy blissfully asked me to get onto cleaning up every drop from my body, leaving the clothes dirty so that I could hang them back up on their rail afterwards.

I made such a mess of myself and the clothes, somehow I’d managed to get cum on my back and I walked out of the dressing room with two noticeably wet patches on my back, and fully fucked up hair. But the wild and vibrant look on my face told of masses of tales of Daddy blowing my mind. I hung up the cummy clothes and draped the dirty panties over their original stand. Leaving the store with a beaming smile and a twinkle in my eyes after fulfilling my mission from Daddy.

“Good girl, Daddy’s baby girl. You make Daddy so proud.”

Daddy held me in his calm waters afterwards comforting me from the storm.


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