Canterbury Kitty Tales

Beads of sweat dripping tantalizingly down the parting between my breasts and sliding down my tummy, making their delicious way down to my sensitive nub. Meeting with my creamy core and melding with the trickle inside. Warm honey pours through the line of the phone and I brush the hair that’s now plastering my head away from the speaker. My hot body tingles all over every time his whiskey voice rasps out a command. He’s gone from having me rub my soaking tights-covered pussy against the armrest of the chair in the room I’d been dusting, to pulling them down to my thighs and working my fingers inside myself.
My senses are hyper-aware of the fact I’m not alone, that actually the guesthouse where I’ve been working over the past day is brimming with people. Every time I hear someone past the door my body freezes, sending a heated wave of risk-tinged awareness to my thumping center.

I’m overwrought, heat flaming my skin, panting hard my body on the edge of falling apart straining to contain the boiling pot that’s on the cusp of spilling over. I need to hear just three tiny but powerful words to end it all and bring me sailing to my destination.

“Cum for Daddy”.

Those words, uttered from his supple lips but holding the weight of fifty galloping horses, ignite little spasming muscles that clench and ripple around my fingers, “oh”. It hits me that no matter how I try to keep quiet, the intensity of the orgasm that’s been building inside me and now smashes against me like waves battering rocks, makes it impossible not to scream out my pleasure. If he were here then depending on how the mood took him, he’d either be balling up a tie (not panties as he commands me not to wear any) into my mouth to keep me quiet, or he’d let me scream so everyone would hear exactly who I belong to.

I bite down hard on my arm, sinking my teeth deep in to the flesh of my bicep and tearing skin, pain mixing with pleasure so complementary that a little a tear of joy escapes the corner of my eye and drops, wasted, to the floor. Unfortunate, I thought, as had Daddy been here he’d surely dip his head toward me and taste it from my cheeks.
Hearing my muffled explosions rumbling through the phone, Daddy’s reassuring replies were coating me, praising me with his voice tinged with pride and manly satisfaction… and a large serving of regret at not being here.
A large knocking at the door had me yelping and slapping my palm across my mouth to hide it. “Yes,” my voice trembled and I stared wide-eyed to whoever was on the other side of the door- which of course I couldn’t see through but I still looked stunned. I hurriedly pull my tights up in position around my waist and rearrange my wayward skirt.

The person behind the door turns out to be a concerned member of staff who has heard a candlestick holder drop to the floor- unnoticed by me- and the “curious” noises of a struggle. I talk her round to believing my clumsiness is down to first day nerves and depart up the stairs giggling like a lovestruck little girl. She doesn’t suspect anything and I laugh uncontrollably at the invigorating events. I close my bedroom door shut behind me and rest up against it with my back, whilst sighing out a calming breath and closing my eyes.

My revelry is broken by my phone springing to life in my hands and I almost drop it trying to answer. Daddy’s exhilaration was palpable and I giggle inanely in response. He growls, immediately ordering me to my window. He asks me what I can see out there and for a moment I get a fierce pang of elation thinking I might see Daddy waiting in the field below. But all I can see is horses, trees, long stretches of green and the setting sun on the horizon.

“Take off all your clothes baby girl.”

I suck in a lungful of air and reinforce my posture, unbuttoning my skirt and letting it slip to the floor. Cool air hits my already pert nipples, pebbling them further into impossible tautness. Stepping out of my skirt I puff out, clenching my teeth at the cool breeze that assaults the wet patch at my tights. My tights soon follow and I step up naked in front of my window, bare, even the previous flaming inferno of my body shuddering away with the shivers that grip me. Daddy orders me to touch every inch of myself, running my hands sensuously over my body for the world to see. The contrast from hot to cold had been shocking but now the trail of my hands start to build a new fire, flames fanned by Daddy’s authoritative voice, sparking at the hunger that had been on a simmer, but is now flaring back to life.

Scandalous moans rent the early evening air, and I writhe my body before the window, no longer in the least bit concerned who will see me. I rest my foot on the windowsill as Daddy commands my fingers to plunge fast and deeper inside me. My body shakes uncontrollably at the rise of another orgasm, whimpers escape my lips. Dizziness blackens my vision, my spent body fighting a useless battle against the exertion that another explosion will bring. But it’s not really up to me if I can take anymore; Daddy knows best.


And my body lets go, feeling all of a sudden really heavy, tiredness seeping though my bones.

“Squat if you’re tired baby.”

I sink to a squatting position with relief, my legs no longer have to hold my trembling body. My sweet nectar drips from my core and I watch tiny droplets collect beneath me.

“Feel your arsehole baby girl, do you feel me filling you?”

I can feel the heavy weight of Daddy’s butt plug, I’ve been wearing it everyday since it was bought and I could still feel it inside me, a constant presence and reminder that Daddy owns me. I’m his and he’s with me always, I touch the tips of my fingers to the diamond in the center and find my hot wet pussy juice has reached there too.

“Fuck yourself with me, stay squatting, feel me inside you, filling you, stretching you, you belong to me baby girl.”

I clasp the golden tip and swirl it inside me, getting used to the girth, moving it sends shots of pleasure through me. I gasp, moving it slightly, in and then back out a little at first, and then harder, faster, fucking myself with it and coming apart. Losing myself in the carousel of sensation, I grab at my heaving breasts with one hand and fuck my arse deep and hard with the other. I let out a long drawn out moan through gritted teeth when the tidal wave hits and the earth shatters around me.
I found myself flat out on the floor afterwards, panting heavily with my heart thumping against my chest like a trapped bird.

“You think it’s over don’t you little girl?”


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