Dream of a Garden Temptress

“Come and sit with me in the garden, baby girl.”

You take my hand in yours and lead me to the deck sitting me down beside you, the sleeve of your shirt brushes the naked skin of my arm and I can feel the heat of your body touch me, thrilling me.

I gently place my hand on your knee.

“I’ve never met anyone like you, someone who I want to spend every second of the day with. And when we’re not together I’m always thinking of you.”

I climb onto your lap.

“May I kiss you Daddy?”

“Please do angel.”

Your perfect honey soaked voice hits my spot and makes me lose my mind.

I surprise you by taking your mouth with heated passion, nibbling at your lips then kissing them better, panting with a whisper I ask you to, “keep me.”

Beads of sweat burst on my breasts like the early morning dew on the apple tree you planted for me.
You touch my skin softly staring into my eyes, seemingly mesmerized by them.

“I do love you baby girl.”

Inside my mind is beaming at your declaration but on the outside my hands are working to keep you forever, so that I may hear those words coming from your lips everyday of my life. My orange t-shirt dress is short but my fingers work deftly to hitch it up the extra few inches until you can see my my red hot little pussy poking out the bottom. My folds are open and slick and I create a wet line over my lips using my fingers. I look at you invitingly I’m open and wet just waiting for you.

Your breath catches.

“An early morning nymph covered in dew glistening in the new sun dancing for her daddy.”

A small grin curves the corner of my mouth, I slide two fingers down either side of myself, over my rosy red skin and scissoring my lips for you to kiss my nub. You dip your head planting a kiss there, tasting me. You rise with my sweet warm nectar coating your mouth, glimmering on your lips.
I watch you taste me, sucking your lips between your teeth and the drops from your fingers. Your eyes burn with appreciative fire, I’m provoking the beast.
But I’m aching for you, I dip one finger in ever so slightly probing my entrance. I shoot my sultry gaze to you, you’re watching my fingers intently, captivated by my thumb circling my sensitive nub sending little sparks of pleasure through me.
I reach lower probing my puckered arse gasping at the forbidden ….I whimper in desperate need of to feel you filling me.
Two of my fingers entering me now, exploring my creamy depths curling inside me you can see me stretching over my fingers.

“I need you where my fingers are.” My softly spoken words sounding like such contradictory filth when sweetly uttered from my mouth.

“Right here daddy come inside.”

You take your cock into your hands positioning yourself at my entrance, you search my face hungrily looking for confirmation but not waiting for assurance you slam inside, filling my hole completely with a triumphant look of manly satisfaction on your face. You pump through my sharp feelings of pain and orchestrate my pleasure, taking me bare. Violent thrusts slapping against me animalistically, slamming my small body against the hard wood.
I bite back a little whimper, my body starts to shudder but my movements are tempered by your weight around me, catching me as I fall into unbelievable bliss. I throb and the clenching around you acts as a fist squeezing you tight and holding you to me. You swell inside me your own orgasm mere seconds away I can see the choice behind your eyes and you look both to my breasts and my tummy as a place to release.

“Cum inside me daddy.”

I kiss you, simple but with the strength of an army behind it, showing my love


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