Lessons for Baby Subs and Kittens

They creep out like zombies in search of brains but it’s not your brains they feed off (if only)… it’s your selfies. But they are obvious, easily avoided. Look for the man with the dick pic as an av. He hasn’t used his face but the dick still represents what he is. They usually start the conversation with a, “U horny?” Or the one that always grinds me, “mmmmmm.” Throw in a couple of smileys and you’ve got yourself a gag fest on your hands- and believe me, not the good kind.
What you need to watch out for is the predators and the manipulators . They are less easy to spot, more easily camouflaged with their acquired knowledge and an articulate poise.
They will screw with your mind. They feed off a different kind of control, they are insidiously destructive, the devil incarnate. They seek and destroy and it’s a slow death; they want to break you down until you are nothing but a lump of flesh that beats for them, to replace the void where their hearts should be.
Then, when these emotional vampires have sucked away your life force, they hand back your broken pieces… you are no longer their concern.
So if I was to ofter any small piece of wisdom, any sage advice I can, it’s this: don’t be afraid to tell your potential Dom that you want to build a friendship first. That should weed out some of the fakes. But be careful, as some like the challenge. The best thing to do is always keep your wits about you no matter how much a Dom knocks you off your feet- and believe me, they will.


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