Predominately my blog is my journey. I am a 23 year old submissive woman who’s always known she had kink or two… OK maybe three, but who’s counting? A wise man once told me “you only live once”, so my intention is to fit as much into mine as possible. I want to feel things that take me beyond what my mind can fathom. I want to love with all of my heart- because even with how many times it’s been broken, if I locked it away I wouldn’t be using it and that’s not what it’s for. I want to make people smile and laugh and live because there’s a story behind every person you meet, stories that deserve to be told. Each and every one of us who are lucky enough to win the lottery of life, but have been kicked down to many times that they can’t get up; I want to help them live. There’s a world out there begging for you to experience everything it has to offer. It would be a shame if at the end, you had regrets.


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